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Common Whirlpool Washer Parts You Can Buy Online

There is nothing more frustrating than having one of your whirlpool washer parts malfunction. While whirlpool washers have gained popularity over the past few years due to their efficiency and reliability, frequent use may lead to wear and tear that could warrant the services of technical support.

Fortunately, there is no need to dwell in your frustrations. Some of the popular parts of the washer can easily be replaced without calling a technician.

The coupler

couplerThe coupler is probably the part that breaks more often than the rest. This part replaces the belt in the previous models. You will know when it is broken if your whirlpool washer does not spin or agitate.

The coupler is a vital part of the machine that connects the transmission and the motor. You can replace it with a new one by purchasing online, but be sure to check the model number.

The lid switch

lid switch Some of the other common parts that may need repair include spin basket drives, agitator dogs, pump and the lid switch.

The work of the lid switch is to switch off the motor while the machine is in spin cycle and/or in washer cycle.

The latter feature is common in more modern models. It is made of plastic housing and is usually screwed to the cabinet. As the number of times you open and close the lid switch increases, the part becomes loose and may break down around the supporting screws. This may lead to a loose connection between the contacts.

The Pump

whirlpool pumpA pump malfunction normally begins with the leaking of the seal. You are more likely to notice this breakage as water starts spilling from the machine and gathering on the floor.

If this happens, tip the machine on one side against the wall and observe the condition of the pump below.

The pump is the one attached to the face of the motor with two clips, at least in most cases. You cannot afford to delay pump leakage repair, as the water from the washer may rust the shaft and cause permanent attachment to the motor.

Agitator dogs

whirlpool washer agitator dogsThe agitator dogs come in two interlocking pieces. If you find that the upper piece of the agitator is not ratcheting perfectly with its lower piece, it is time for a change.

You can easily check if the pair is working correctly by turning in both directions while the whirlpool cabrio washer is turned off. If the two pieces move as a whole, you need new agitator dogs.

Spin basket drive

One of the hardest parts to diagnose and replace is probably the spin basket drive. The work of the spin basket is to hold back the inner tub during the wash cycle and engage it during the spin cycle.

Check for model and part number of Whirlpool washer parts

If your clothes are returned soaking wet after the spin cycle, chances are high that the basket drive has malfunctioned and needs to be repaired. The internet can be a great source of both new and affordable second hand whirlpool washer parts to replace your broken ones.

For accuracy, you will need the model and part number before searching online. Both of these can be found on the part itself, and if not, you can locate them from a schematics on the website of the company.