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Social security contributions at the rate of 17.20% remain withheld at source by the paying institution. Unless there is an exemption, a non-discharging income tax deposit, calculated at the rate of 12.80% on the amount of dividends, is applied at the same time as social security contributions.

Individuals whose tax income for year N-2 is less thanΒ  € 50,000 for a single person, orΒ  € 75,000 for a couple subject to joint taxation, can request an exemption from payment of the deposit. For this, the person must send a sworn statement to the company paying the dividend no later than November 30 of the year preceding that of the payment.

  • The income tax deposit and social security contributions are paid at source by the company. For this, the paying institution sends a tax declaration no later than the 15th of the month following the payment of the dividends, and transfers the amounts withdrawn at the same time.
  • By opting for the taxation of dividends at the progressive income tax scale, the taxpayer benefits from the 40% allowance and can deduct part of the CSG paid.
  • The final taxation of the taxpayer is then calculated during the annual calculation of the income tax on the total income of the taxpayer’s tax household. The income tax deposit paid on dividends is deducted from the total amount of tax due and any excess is returned to the taxpayer.

Declaration and taxation of dividends

Dividends are Taxed at the income tax in the category of investment income, They must be Indicated in the statement 2042 C. make the right calculations for the same with the tax calculator now.

At the level of society, it is necessary:

To complete and send electronically to the tax service declaration n Β° 2777-D-SD, accompanied by the payment of the deductions made at source by the paying institution,

Complete and send electronically to the tax service a single tax form (IFU) per partner who has received income from movable capital at the tax service. This formality is carried out once a year.

The sending of the declaration n Β° 2777-D-SD and the payment of the withdrawals made at the source can be carried out in your professional space on the site impΓ΄ The same is true for single tax forms (IFU).

There are many CFE exemptions, which can be temporary or permanent, and be linked to the legal structure, sector of activity, area of ​​establishment or age of the company.

CFE exemptions specific to legal status

The following main structures are permanently exempt from CFE:

Cooperatives and unions of cooperative societies of craftsmen,

Cooperative societies and unions of cooperative societies of boat owners, maritime cooperative societies,

Workers’ production cooperatives (Scoop),

Agricultural cooperatives and their unions, under certain conditions,

Employers’ groups and economic interest groups (GIE), under certain conditions,

Independent home sellers (VDI), for their total gross remuneration less than 16.50% of the annual social security ceiling.

Several exemptions also apply to State bodies.


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