Day: October 16, 2020

Sony Ericsson G Series

After watching season one of the Dead Hours webseries, I felt satisfied with the tales that was presented to me. Some may say that a fifteen minute film can not be that great because it’s not long enough to inform an in depth narrative, but in this Black Clover Filler List, each incident did just fine. What I liked about these episodic movies was the simple fact they were about 15 to 20 minutes long. When I am in front of my computer and I want to watch something entertaining, like a film, I hate sitting there for a hour and a half while the film is playing. I’ll watch the movie on tv or on my own dvd or blu-ray while I sit on the couch. The episodes presented on The Dead Hours site are exactly what I love to call bite sized stories that I can see, and enjoy without needing to sit for over one hour in my chair, all while sitting at my computer. I have always loved reading short horror narrative collections, which is exactly what gets the Dead Hours series great. They are short stories that I can sit and end up a narrative, and come back to it afterwards. In the end, I’d love to see more of the series later on. Forget only season two, I would not mind seeing this become season three or four. 1 point of good news, production on season two is being projected on beginning within the next few months. Fearnet has continued to grow their fan base offering various horror web series on their site. YouTube also a powerful slew of terror web series with shows such as Left for Dead and Bite Me which have fueled tremendous viral interest on YouTube. Hulu has to feature a terror web show but clearly, it’s inevitable as the content and demand for horror web series content continues to collect a following.The growth of web series productions can result from the lackluster attempts from the TV networks in attracting terror genre entertainment forward. The ghost and vampire genres have observed a few life on TV at a watered down sense, but the level of horror the fan base really needs. Twilight gave way to soap opera fashioned series such as The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf but the focal point of these series is certainly the soap opera arcs ….